Correct Nasal Spray Technique

REMEMBER: Softly and thoroughly blow your nose every time before you get started …

1. Look down – your head should be tilted forward, so every time you’re ready to spray be sure to look at your toes.

2. Spray a ‘V’ – once you’ve primed the pump enough times that a fully powered mist is being sprayed into the air away from yourself, insert the sprayer into your nose and angle it outwards a little.

Aim towards the left in your left nostril.
Aim towards the right in your right nostril.

AVOID spraying onto the septum (the central divider separating the nostrils) as irritation of the septum is a common side-effect.

Also, you want to coat as much nasal tissue as possible, so aiming outwards prevents the mist going straight up over the back of your nose and down your throat, which is a waste.

3. Inhale the mist nice and gently – and then keep the liquid inside your nose. Every time it tries to drip out just gently inhale again, lifting it back up to coat the insides of your nose.

An occasional remark of nasal spray users is a slightly off-putting taste. This is unlikely to occur at all when you apply the correct technique and avoid sniffing it into your throat.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

  1. Look down.
  2. Spray a ‘V’.
  3. Inhale the mist nice and gently.