Hayfever is uncomfortable and it’s only natural to want to get better. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments on hand.

We have outlined some of the options to relieving the symptoms of hayfever.

Hayfever Doctors & Experts

Severe hayfever sufferers are sometimes referred to a specialist (e.g. Ear-Nose-Throat, allergist or immunologist) by their doctor to better ascertain/confirm the type of allergy causing your symptoms. Read more>

Hayfever Sprays & Tablets

The potential of new prescription hayfever treatment formulations coming onto the market would suggest that if you haven’t seen a medical professional about your condition recently, you could be out of date.  Read more>

Hayfever Drops & Rinses

Eye drops, eye rinses and nasal rinses are a popular way to relieve hayfever and cold symptoms. There are a number of drops available, depending on the treatment you require. The neti pot is also a popular nasal rinsing device used in ‘nasal irrigation’ or a ‘sinus flush’. Here’s a run down on what you need to know.  Read more>

Injections & Immunity

This relatively rare treatment applies mainly to the most serious of hayfever sufferers, whose quality of life is dramatically affected by their hayfever, and for whom allergic rhinitis medication is proving ineffective. Read more>

Pregnancy & Children

If you suffer from hayfever and are trying to conceive or you are in early pregnancy this information may be of interest to you… Read more>