The Price of Hayfever

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Anyone that suffers from hayfever will know that it is a pricey disease. A study by Meda Pharmaceuticals has found that some hayfever sufferers will spend hundreds of dollars a year treating symptoms.

The study revealed that seasonal hayfever sufferers who are usually affected in Spring will spend around $100 per year, and perennial hayfever sufferers who suffer all year long will spend around $200 per year.




That’s a lot of money considering 1 out of 7 Aussies are hayfever sufferers and over 500 million people suffer from hayfever worldwide. For some, finding the right treatment for their hayfever is not optional as it can seriously impact one’s job, lifestyle, and relationships. There are some people who don’t think that hayfever deserves the doctor’s attention and are tired of spending money trying to find the right medication.

The situation is like this: many hayfever sufferers go to the pharmacy and end up purchasing multiple products, instead of going to the doctor. For example, they may purchase a nasal decongestant, antihistamine tablets, and saline spray; but is this the most effective and cost-friendly way to manage hayfever? What they don’t realise is by going to a doctor they could find a treatment that makes them feel better and saves them money in the long run.

Bothersome symptoms like nasal congestion need effective treatment, otherwise, it can lead to loss of sleep and can impact on a sufferer’s physical and mental health. Did you know 30% of hayfever sufferers had to take a sick day because of their symptoms?

Many sufferers don’t see a doctor about their hayfever but it may mean you spend less in the long-run and enjoy life without a box of tissues.

If you suffer from severe hayfever symptoms you should consider going to a doctor. A doctor can help with diagnosis and recommend the best treatment options for you. To help the doctor find what allergens trigger your hayfever symptoms, you should record where and when you experience symptoms by keeping a diary and taking it to your doctor.