The most common hayfever mistake

With unusually high temperatures in Australia this Spring, lots of people are walking into medical clinics to find a treatment for hayfever. Many of us are being recommended nasal sprays and although some people are saying they can work wonders, others often claim they don’t work at all.

One of the most common hayfever mistakes is that people don’t know how to use nasal sprays. It sounds simple right? Just insert and spray. This is what I thought too, but there’s actually a technique we should know about.

After many years of using nasal sprays, here’s what I’ve learnt in three easy steps.

Step 1

First blow your nose to prepare. Then tilt your head forward (and admire your shoes) when you insert the nozzle.


dymista photo2

Step 2

In this position, spray the treatment on an outward angle. This means the nozzle should be aimed to the right on your right nostril and vice versa.

dymista photo1v2

Step 3

Keep your head forward and gently sniff to prevent the treatment from dripping. Remember, the treatment is supposed to coat your nostrils for it to be effective.

dymista photo3v3

My only other tip is if your nasal spray isn’t working for you, go to the doctor who can check your symptoms just in case you’ve mistaken hayfever for a cold.  It does happen!

This quick 2-step questionnaire can help you better describe your symptoms to your doctor.