Study reveals hayfever can cause intimacy issues

Have you ever leaned in for a kiss, and accidentally sneezed on your partner? Although it sounds too funny to be true, this could be the typical situation for someone that suffers from hayfever.

A recent study conducted by Meda Pharmaceuticals in Australia showed the extent to which hayfever can impact on a relationship.

Although, 55% of people said it disrupted their partners sleep, and 18% said it led to arguments, the most staggering statistics were that 31% said it made them feel less desirable and 24% said it reduced their sexual libido.

24% doesn’t seem like a big number but let’s compare that to the fact that 1 in 5 people suffer from hayfever in Australia and New Zealand.

So for those of you who don’t want to be sleeping on the couch tonight here are some of our suggestions to prevent or relieve what could be a potentially dangerous situation for your relationship.

Let’s face it, snoring is not an attractive symptom. The reason you may be snoring when you have hayfever, may be because you have nasal congestion. Go to the doctor to find the best form of relief for you. It will also relieve other symptoms that may wake up your partner. Follow the doctors’ orders – it could be a lifesaver for your relationship!

You may be asking how hayfever could lead to arguments. Think about it, do you get tired and moody when you have the flu? Hayfever sufferers can feel just as bad, and at times worse. To prevent getting moody and accidentally taking it out on your partner, make sure you are getting at least 8 hours sleep, stay hydrated, eat well and remember to take your hayfever relief medication. Getting 10 minutes in the sun on a daily basis is also a good habit and is said to aid sleepiness by raising your vitamin D levels!

So you don’t feel desirable? No one does if they have puffy eyes and a red nose. All you can do is give your body time to calm down. Whatever you do, don’t irritate your skin by rubbing your eyes and nose, and take antihistamines to reduce skin inflammation. The way you look can also affect the way you feel. If you’re tempted to apply a bit of makeup to cover your symptoms, put on a bit of concealer and lip gloss and wear minimum eye makeup which could irritate your eyes, a hyper sensitive area.

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(Flickr photograph by Ariadna Bruna)