Spring’s 3 omens

Although Spring is arguably the most magical season of the year, with it comes three omens –flu season, hayfever and magpie swooping.

Yes, for many of you that haven’t had it happen to you magpies do swoop, and they’ve already started! Parents, commuters, cyclists and surprised civilians that have already experienced attacks have quickly started making preparations.

Just take a look at Twitter!

April ☮   AprilOte1    Twitter

Our tip is to carry an umbrella with you and have it up when you’re walking through a park. For those of you with kids, have them wear sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat with big, fake eyes at the top. This way, not only will they be protected but they’ll look all the more cute!

Cyclists usually have their own strategies by placing spikes or cables at the top of their helmet, which make them look like gladiators.

So now that we’ve given you our stylish tips on how to avoid magpie swooping, it’s time to battle out the worst of Spring – Hayfever and the flu season.

Once again we are faced with that familiar question that leaves us puzzled almost every time: Do I have hayfever or a cold?

This is because the symptoms can be very similar such as fatigue, a runny nose, impaired smell and headaches.

You should know the difference between hayfever or a cold because they are treated with different medications, and you could be using the wrong one.

Keep in mind a cold shouldn’t last longer than 2 weeks, whilst allergies can last for months.

We’ve made a list of common symptoms to help you differentiate the two. Our tip is to visit your GP who can confirm your diagnosis and suggest the best treatment for you:



(Flickr photograph by Jeffry)