It’s not just a sneeze, it’s a disease.

You need to take your hayfever seriously, and perform some vital actions before and during both Spring and Autumn every year, while maintaining a positive and pro-active mindset.

So let’s begin getting your quality of life back under your control – starting with Attitude…


First and foremost it’s vital you understand and believe that you do not have to suffer hayfever. It can be beaten or successfully controlled in almost all cases.

Most people fail to take the time to understand it and change their ways appropriate to their lifestyle and the version of the disease they are suffering from.

They either 1- fail to take hayfever seriously enough, or 2- give up the fight, and adopt the view that hayfever can’t be controlled.

Number 1 is one of the main causes of Number 2.


Before Spring AND Autumn, as well as any time you may have hayfever symptoms…

  • See a doctor / pharmacy professional / allergy specialist – understand the disease and which type you suffer from to choose the best course of treatment.
  • Find all mould and have it removed mould from where you work, live and sleep
  • Replace your pillow, and replace/refresh your bedding to diminish dust mites
  • Put in place a regular cleaning and vacuuming schedule at home and at work
  • Cease your consumption of alcohol and any other substances containing histamine
  • Adjust your eating habits, such as reducing your wheat and dairy consumption if advised
  • Remove pets and plants from your home and ensure all windows/vents are sealed at night