You need your own unique combination of the appropriate substances, habits and lifestyle choices in order to control it, but first and foremost you need the right mentality.

Action and Attitude

The old saying “prevention is relevant for hayfever, and the best example of this is the combination of substances you allow to enter your body.

The food you eat, the drinks you drink, even the way you administer your hayfever spray into your nose, there is some vital information that could help you beat your hayfever. Read more>

Drugs and Diet

Medication also plays an important role and is part of the integrated approach that most people use. Read more>

Good Habits

There are also some everyday routines and products which can help, as well as some bad habits you might want to avoid. Read more>

Body Care

Getting to know your condition and your body better has its advantages.

Herbs and Oils

Once you get your hayfever under control you might just be able to keep it there with the help of natural remedies such as herbs and essential oils. Read more>

Hayfever is a disease that can be managed if it is understood, approached and targeted appropriately.

You need to get and apply knowledge and help that’s going to be specific to you, then apply them in the form of lifestyle adjustments, the best medication and diet, and the right attitude.

Combine all three over a long enough period of time and you’ll maximise your chances of coming out on top.