How to do Mother’s Day the right way

Buying flowers can be a beautiful and thoughtful gift, if done right. However, if you really want to make a great impression this Mother’s Day you should consider another option.

Many people end up buying flowers because it’s considered a ‘safe’ gift, or something you can’t get wrong, but that’s not true. There are many things you need to consider before buying someone flowers.

Firstly, do you know if your mother or partner likes flowers? Don’t assume that every woman likes them because ‘they’re pretty’. It can be a disaster if they don’t like the smell of flowers, if there’s no room for flowers in the house or if that person suffers from hayfever.

Just imagine if she woke up with itchy eyes, a blocked nose or if she had sneezing fit. Not ideal, especially when the best gift is often time and rest.

Secondly, you don’t want her to think that they are a last minute present that you spotted when you went grocery shopping. If you do decide to buy her flowers, put some thought into it. You can’t simply think “those flowers look okay, they will be good enough”.

Rather, you need to know what her favourite flowers are, what her favourite colours are, what colours will compliment your home, and how long those flowers will last. Every bouquet of flowers should have varying colours and different types of flowers. Different types of flowers and colours symbolise different things. For this occasion, red roses would not be the appropriate choice because they symbolise romance, rather than a maternal bond.

If you want her to know that the flowers weren’t just a last minute gift, make sure you order them in advance and create an element of surprise by delivering it to her when she’s not expecting them. For example you could deliver them to her office.

Before you decide on flowers, remember this: Do flowers really represent the love and appreciation you have for your mother?

If the answer is no or you’re unsure, maybe try some of these alternative gift ideas:

For the new mum

Being a new mum is an amazing experience like no other, but it can be stressful too. Give her an hour off and book her in for a massage. We understand that many new mums may experience separation anxiety. If this is the case, get the massage therapist to come to you or make her a lovely hot bath with some flower petals and fill the room with relaxing aromas.

For the funny mum

If all your mum would like is a good laugh, consider getting her tickets to a comedy show for her and a friend or get her a set of comedy style DVD’s that she can watch during those late nights.

For the makeup mum

For the mum who loves getting dolled up and watches YouTube makeup tutorials in her spare time, let her be pampered and book her into a makeup session at Mecca. All services are redeemable for products purchased on the day.

For the adventurous mum

For the mum who likes the outdoors, consider taking her on a day cruise to do whale or dolphin watching.

For the doting mum

For the mum who spends all her time doting over her children, give her a handmade card or write a poem that explains how much you love and appreciate her. Remember to include some inside jokes so you can see that smile on her dial.

For the trendy mum

Take mum on a shopping spree or book her a session with a personal shopper at David Jones! We know it can be tough being dragged around Westfield, but it’s only for one day.

For the clean-freak mum

Hire a cleaner for the day so mum doesn’t need to pick up after everyone else. Take this opportunity to have a day out with the family.

For the foodie mum

Get mum a cooking lesson or get her tickets to the nearest Mother’s Day lunch events happening in your area. For example, The Stamford is holding a Mother’s Day High Tea in Sydney CBD.

We hope these gift ideas help! If you have different ideas, please feel free to share them on our Facebook page. Keep in mind that flowers could cause hayfever symptoms. If you or someone you know has trouble finding relief, you should consider going to a doctor.

(Photo credit: Flickr, Proflowers. This image has been moderated).