Hayfever’s winter warriors.

The Game of Thrones phrase ‘ winter is coming’ is true for Australians. Most of us are looking forward to cosy nights at home and the ‘freshness’ in the air, but it doesn’t mean we’ll be safe from hayfever. 

There’s a common misconception that hayfever is a spring time allergy and that winter is the ‘safe’ season, but is is not the case. People can get hayfever all year round and during winter.

Here is a list of winter warriors (hayfever triggers) that you should be aware of during the cooler months. By avoiding these triggers, you could also avoid getting symptoms like itchy eyes, sneezing and a blocked or runny nose.

Trigger Facts Indoor / outdoor Season
Dust mite Dust mites can be found throughout the house in carpet and in bedding. Indoor All year round
Mould Mould usually grows in damp areas like bathrooms or when there are leaks in ceilings. Indoor All year round
Pet dander Pet dander could reach anywhere in the house and can be carried on people’s clothes. Indoor and outdoor All year round
Tree pollen Trees like the White Cypress (Murray) pine could cause allergies from July until August. Other tree species like Australian Oak Trees can pollenate and cause allergies throughout the year.


Outdoor Late winter