Have you heard of autumn hayfever?

It seems despite the fact that it is autumn, there’s been a surge in people experiencing hayfever. Twitter has been buzzing with questions like: Is it possible to get hayfever at this time of the year?

autumn hayfever

Here’s the answer you’ve all been looking for: Yes. There’s been a misconception that hayfever is only a spring time disease caused by pollen. The truth of the matter is pollen is just one of many triggers, which usually affects people in spring. However, there are other outdoor and indoor triggers that can affect people throughout the year.

Now that it’s autumn, weed pollen could be triggering people’s hayfever symptoms. However, it could also be those pesky indoor triggers that are around throughout the year such as dust and mould.

The problem is people are allergic to different triggers, and may be affected at different times of the year. By going to a doctor they can find out which trigger they are allergic to, and they can avoid them as well. One of the benefits of seeing a doctor is they can recommend treatment options that can provide relief.

Here is a table that outlines the different triggers and when they are most potent:


To help your doctor, you should consider keeping a hayfever workbook or diary that records when and where you are experiencing symptoms.

(photo credit: Flickr, by Alexander Mueller)