First of all, night time is the worst time for pollen levels, so that could explain it.

Secondly, (and assuming we’re talking about sleep time as well) how old is your current pillow?

Experts report that over 50,000 dust mites live in the average pillow, and dust mites and their waste are extremely allergenic.

So it may not be the night as such, but your proximity to that old pillow you need to replace.

If it’s not the dust mites in your pillow, bedding or mattress, and your doctor and you have the medication situation under control, then it could be one of 5 other things:

  1. Your sleeping environment could contain dust and/or mould spores
  2. There may be a window open somewhere, allowing a night pollen invasion
  3. You might not be washing the pollen out of your hair before you go to sleep at night.
  4. There may be pet dander in the bedroom that’s adding to your hay fever symptoms.

1. Consider your sleeping environment

An ioniser like the Plasmacluster is highly recommended for the bedroom, as it will intercept and remove mould spores, bacteria, pollen, dust and dander from the air as you sleep.

It might be a great idea (while you’re changing your bedding and putting your mattress out in the sun to kill the dust mites) to vacuum under your bed regularly to keep dust levels down, and to wipe the walls near your bed with naturally fermented white vinegar to protect against mould spores, they often thrive in darkened wall areas due to the moisture-producing human sleeping close by night after night.

Indeed throughout the entire house and your workplace, you should go on a mould hunting spree. No harm done. Just make sure you protect yourself with a proper face mask and gloves, or better still have a mould removal specialist do it for you.

2. Be vigilant about the danger of night pollen

Keep in mind at all times that pollen is at its worst during the night, when the pollen from the day settles back down to earth as the temperature drops.

As hot as it may be, keep windows and vents closed after sundown if possible, ensuring that adequate cooling keeps you comfortable during the night.

3. Wash your hair, face and clothes straight away

Pollen sticks to your hair during the day, so you don’t want to spread it all over your pillow then try and sleep with it.

When your hay fever is bad it’s best to wash your hair as soon as possible after getting home, you don’t want your clothes the seeds for a sneezy night all over the place. Hit the shower!

Anyone with facial hair should make sure to wash their face twice a day and of course before bed time, and maybe consider being clean-shaven for the duration of pollen season.

4. Keep your distance from animals

Animal dander (dead skin flakes) is highly allergenic, and while you may be fine with Fluffy sleeping at the foot of your bed normally, during hay fever season she really should be kept outside the bedroom, along with all her excess hair and dander.

Pets are notorious for rolling around on the ground outside and innocently transporting copious amounts of pollen back indoors.

5. Aside from improving your medication, there may be nothing you can do about it

Another contributing factor in terms of waking up during the middle of the night with unexplainable suffering, is that your body is unable to sneeze when you are asleep.

As such your body and its immune response that rejects unwanted foreign particles from your nose in the form of sneezing is denied that opportunity while you’re asleep, so the other symptoms could become worse than normal as a result, hence your sleep is disturbed.

Certainly it pays to take great care in making the bedroom an extra clean, dust-free sealed enclosure that’s free from things like pollen, pets and dust mites.

Also, perhaps a decent nasal rinse with saline (salt water) before going to bed, using the best technique as advised by a healthcare professional is a good habit to start.

Indeed the right medication is vital, so get out of your comfort zone and go back to the doctor for that return visit so you can both exchange feedback and get on top of things.