The short answer is “No.”

Allergic rhinitis is an immunological disease that does not yet have a cure.
However the good news is it can be fully controlled in most cases.

The strategy to beat hayfever

The first thing you need is the right mindset in order to ensure hay fever is stopped in its tracks as quickly and effectively as possible.

The habits to beat hayfever

Next you need to do an honest and well-informed review of your lifestyle, daily habits and living conditions in order to reduce your symptoms down to a minimum by getting control of the triggers of your hay fever.

The diet to beat hayfever

Think about your allergies and rhinitis symptoms as a cup.

The cup “gets full and overflows” when various contributors cause reactions like histamine production, nasal irritation, itching and sinus pressure.

If you’re eating cheese platters and drinking red wine during Spring then you’re probably not doing yourself any favours, you’re only helping your hay fever reach its full potential and you’re putting yourself miles away from any “cure” of sorts.

Everyone’s body, medical history, local conditions and perception of pain and suffering are unique.

The antihistamine that works well on one person, may not work so well on another, etc.

With only a few hours of reading and a few minutes of consultation with a local doctor you can put the finishing touches on a well-earned victory against hay fever.