What could it be that’s causing my hayfever?

Hayfever as a term used by people is quite broad. “Hayfever” is technically the allergic rhinitis caused by grass pollen/s only, so the technical answer as to what is causing your “hayfever” is “grass pollen”.

The condition we are often describing when we have the symptoms associated with allergies is called actually more like general “rhinitis”.

Be sure to see a doctor, you may not have hay fever, or general rhinitis, at all.

What’s causing your respiratory symptoms could be something like asthma, food allergies etc.

Airborne hayfever triggers

Hayfever triggers include allergens such as pollen, dust, animal dander, fungal/mould spores and house dust mites, in addition to other particulate matter such as sawdust, smoke and air pollution.

Contact and consumable hayfever triggers

There can also be other triggers that you may be sensitive to such as food (such as cheese, wheat, cheese, strawberries) or drink (such as wine), perfume, cosmetics, make-up, latex, nickel, etc.

Some people’s symptoms, medical history and test results indicate that something else is combining with their hay fever.

Doctors and experts are the best ally available to help you properly test you and understand what it is you have, and the best method/s to control it.