Can hay fever medication affect my baby?

There is a possibility that some medications could cause some harm, particularly in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

However, strict regulations, medication codes and guidelines exist for the safety of mothers and babies in almost all countries, all of which doctors and pharmacists are aware and trained to advise you on.

Which common medications should I be most cautious of?

There have been recent findings in relation to the use of decongestants in the first trimester, and some conjecture over possible side-effects from corticosteroids during the same period.

In general it is best to avoid systemic medications such as tablets, and choose topical (localised) treatments where suitable such as nasal sprays because they are applied only to the site of suffering.  Always seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist before commencing any treatment while you are pregnant.

Where can I find more info on pregnancy and children with hayfever?

We have a dedicated section on pregnancy and children which references the points mentioned above, along with much more on children at different stages of their development.