Do moustaches help or trigger hayfever?

I know some women that think moustaches are sexy, and then there are women like me who prefer their man to be clean cut. Moustaches seem to go out of style and then (somehow) they creep back into the front covers of fashion mags. So how do we decide if we like them or not?

Here are the pro’s and cons of the famous moustache:





  • Moustaches might act as a filter for pollen, dust and other triggers that cause hayfever and asthma.
  • Moustaches help fight off coughs.
  • Facial hair can prevent men from getting skin cancer in the areas covered by hair.
  • Moustaches help men to preserve moisture and may prolong skin from aging.
  • Facial hair can help to cover facial deformities or scars.
  • Not shaving as regularly can save money on expensive razors and clippers.
  • Facial hair can keep insects away. One study has shown men with facial hair are less likely to get bitten in that area.

Jens karlsson



  • Moustaches could cause hayfever or asthma because triggers might get trapped in the moustache and can be breathed in.
  • Moustaches care and grooming is time-consuming.
  • Moustaches get dirty easily.
  • Moustaches can be itchy and cause rashes.
  • Moustaches can cause pash rash.

Unfortunately, it’s medically unknown whether moustaches help or cause hayfever but the safest option would be to shave. My only advice is if your man does decide to grow facial hair – make sure he keeps it clean!

Just imagine how disastrous it would be kissing someone with chunks of food in their moustache?

If you have hayfever take our self-assessment tool. You should consider going to your doctor with advanced treatments now available.

(Photo credit: Flickr: feature phoot by Eduardo Gaviña, Flickr: Jens karlsson, Flickr: makelessnoise. Note: some of these images have been cropped)