Common misconceptions of parenting

There’s nothing easy about being a parent. You’re responsible for another human being for the rest of your life.

To be a parent you have to be ready for common misconceptions and unwanted opinions from ‘you shouldn’t be going to the gym when you are pregnant’ to ‘you shouldn’t be putting that in your child’s lunchbox’.

Today there are so many claims that it seems like everything is bad for you. One thing we can all agree on is that our children’s health is paramount. This is when we need to listen to the experts.

Here are some common misconceptions that you can choose to ignore as a parent.

  1. You’re too paranoid about your child’s safety.

It’s okay if you want to drive your child to and from school every day. Although some people may think you’re being paranoid about their safety, you’re doing the right thing by following your instincts.

  1. You’re not teaching them enough responsibility.

You hold the view that kids should be kids. You want them to enjoy freedom from responsibility for as long as they can. Some parents judge you for packing their lunches in the morning and cutting up their fruit. Don’t feel guilty for ‘babying’ them. Sorting out their lunches mean you control what they’re eating.

  1. You need to tell them the truth.

You don’t need to tell them the truth about Santa, the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny. Let them be creative and enjoy their childhood for as long as possible. This is one of the most beautiful things you could do for your children. Help them to expand their imagination.

  1. You’re being too clean.

Some people believe that we’re too clean and this is causing the rise in allergies and hayfever. The rise in allergies and hayfever may actually be for numerous reasons that include processed foods, air pollution and genetics. Think about balance. You can still be clean, but don’t panic if your child gets muddy in the playground once in a while. This will help them build a strong immune system.

  1. Technology is bad for kids.

Are your children constantly glued to the television, phone or iPad?  Some parents say that technology can have bad repercussions on younger generations because they are no longer going outside and doing physical activities.  However, apps can be great educational tools that can simultaneously engage and motivate children. There are also some apps that can encourage your kids to go outside. Here are 4 great apps that prove technology can be beneficial:

  • Elmer’s Photo Patchwork

This app is for young children and iOS users. It’s like colouring-in animals, but instead of colouring-in on paper, children are encouraged to take photos of different textures and colours from the world around them to fill in the sections.

  • Star Walk Kids

This app is made for iOS and Android users. By holding your phone to the stars the app can pick out the constellations from your location. This is presented through drawings, animations and facts.

  • Sesame Street Family Play

This is an iOS only app and provides game ideas for all situations including outdoors. This app will suggest games that encourage your children to learn new skills and use their imagination.

  • Gruffalo: Photo

This app is for iOS users and young children. Photos of your children are cut and put into the scenes in the children’s book The Gruffalo. It encourages you to take photos of them in woodland backgrounds and play dress up for a day.

(Photo credit: Flickr, Philippe Put)