There are a number of hayfever influences you really should know about.

The term ‘allergy’ is used only for the most extreme reactions on the spectrum of hypersensitivity.

Dust is nothing less than turbo-charged allergy sprinkles, so ignore it for long enough and it can quite easily take over your nostrils.

Mould is a harmful fungus inhaled by many people at home and at work on a daily basis to the detriment of their health.

If you find that your hayfever starts very early in the Spring when it’s still a little cold, you may be allergic to tree pollen.


If you were not exposed to any pets in the first year of your life, there is a greater risk of you having allergic rhinitis1 (hayfever) and asthma. Interestingly too, having siblings decreases the risk of allergies in later life.


A report in New Scientist has questioned whether the tendency to plant male-only shrubs and trees in cities (to avoid mess from fruit and seedlings) has contributed to increases in hayfever, as only male plants produce pollen.


Mould spores in the home or workplace can be an ongoing irritant that makes seasonal hayfever more severe, or even worse it can make hayfever symptoms occur all year round. Most people have no idea that their compost heap, drainpipes or house foundation could be harmful to their health, and most people do not understand how to permanently remove mould, even when they do find it. Luckily we have a page on mould and yeast


Some experts have noted in recent years that air pollutants2 such as exhaust fumes prime the immune system to react to other irritants.


Non-hayfever medications such as aspirin and other anti-inflammatory agents are considered in medicine to be part of the picture, as they can also be triggers of rhinitis3.


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