Hayfever, known medically as Allergic Rhinitis, is the reactive swelling of the inside of the nose that’s the result of someone’s sensitised immune system which wrongly identifies pollen or dust or other particulates as a threat to the body.

Definition & Diagnosis

In short, hayfever is the allergic form of a disease called rhinitis which affects roughly 500 million people worldwide. “Hayfever” is allergic rhinitis. Read More>

The Signs & Symptoms

In addition to the cardinal symptoms of nasal obstruction, sneezing and mucous discharge, there is also itchiness of the nose and eye-related problems (including rhinoconjunctivitis) that can feature quite strongly in some people’s hayfever. Read More>

The Causes & Culprits

There are a number of hayfever influences you really should know about. Read More>

My Assessment Tool 

This quick 3-step questionnaire may help you better describe your symptoms to healthcare professionals. Read More>

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