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There is no escape from dust mites

New information has been published in the Science Journal PLOS One that reveals our current attempts to rid dust mites may be useless. The belief that most dust mite exposure occurs in bed and the bedroom has been proved wrong, despite 40 years of prior belief. The new information lead by Associate Professor Euan Tovey […]

Hayfever’s winter warriors.

The Game of Thrones phrase ‘ winter is coming’ is true for Australians. Most of us are looking forward to cosy nights at home and the ‘freshness’ in the air, but it doesn’t mean we’ll be safe from hayfever.  There’s a common misconception that hayfever is a spring time allergy and that winter is the […]

10 household commandments that you need to follow pronto

When you start hearing the words “bless you” at every turn, it’s time to clean up those pesky household hayfever triggers. Take a look at My Hayfever’s 10 household commandments and thou shalt be hooked in no time: Thou shalt use the sticky roller. Dust and house dustmites are one of the most common triggers […]

Genetics could play a major role in our hayfever

One out of seven Australians are affected by hayfever and over 500 million people suffer from it around the globe, making it one of the most common diseases in the world. In recent years, there has been a substantial rise in the number of people suffering from hayfever, and many experts believe it’s caused by […]

Allergic rhinitis continues to affect people over 55

Allergic rhinitis is often recognised as a disease affecting young adults, yet it is still a common disease faced by people aged 55 and over. Typical symptoms of this allergy, also known as hayfever, include nasal congestion, a runny nose, sneezing and postnasal drip. All these can have an impact on daily activities like sleep. […]

The reality of exercise induced allergies

We like to think that there are two groups of people where fitness is concerned – those who embrace it and those who would rather not even think about it. But there are other lesser-known groups of those who are unable to exercise due to allergies triggered by intense physical movement. These conditions consist of […]

Wheezing? Wipe out your cleaning cupboard.

  The cleaning spray Windex became famous from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and while the smell does make some people want to clean more frequently, consumers are being warned to read the label and do their research before using some household cleaning sprays and air fresheners. Studies are showing a link between […]

How to pick the perfect wedding bouquet

Selecting the perfect wedding bouquet should not be a rushed decision. The bouquet is the centrepiece of any bridal ensemble and should be carefully chosen to avoid any mishaps. Like an allergic reaction, for instance. This is something that Helen Brown, founder of ‘Flowers by Helen Brown’ and ‘Petals and Scents’ knows all too well […]

7 strange allergies that you didn’t know exist

Most of us don’t think twice about our daily activities but for those with allergies, going for a run in the park or having coffee with a friend is almost a luxury. Allergies come in all forms, whether it’s something as common as hayfever, or being allergic to dairy or gluten. In fact, one in […]

5 ultimate getaways to relax and unwind

Can you remember the last time you didn’t have a care in the world? The stress of everyday life can catch up with us and take a toll on our mental and physical health. That’s why it’s important to take time off to relax and unwind. Australia boasts serene coastlines and lush greenery. Take advantage […]