Due to official guidelines you must specify less than or greater than 4 DAYS/WEEK.

So what do you think? Are your symptoms present for a clear minority (1-3 days) of the week, or a clear majority (5-7 days) of the week?


1. Imagine it’s Friday
Do you think you’d experience your symptoms at work on the Friday only to have it just as bad on both Saturday and Sunday, and then again at work on Monday?

and would your symptoms then be definitely present again on the Tuesday or the Wednesday or the Thursday thereafter?

If YES, then go to #2 below.

If NO, then you should select “3 DAYS/WEEK” because 4 days/week would be your absolute maximum.

2. Imagine it’s Monday morning …
Would you experience hayfever symptoms for all but one of your five working days, then have it just as bad again on at least one of your two days off?  

If both #2 and #1 are a confident YES then you can opt for “5 DAYS/WEEK” because 5 days/week could be the average.

If either #1 or #2 are NOT a confident YES, you should select “3 DAYS/WEEK”.