10 household commandments that you need to follow pronto

When you start hearing the words “bless you” at every turn, it’s time to clean up those pesky household hayfever triggers. Take a look at My Hayfever’s 10 household commandments and thou shalt be hooked in no time:

  1. Thou shalt use the sticky roller.

Dust and house dustmites are one of the most common triggers for hayfever sufferers. Dust mites live in fabric dense products. Worry no more, cleaning your lamp shades, lounge and even inside of your drawers can simply be done with a sticky roller. Forget about using a vacuum, duster or spray and wipes. A sticky roller will pick up the dirt and dust and will not disperse the triggers into the air.

  1. Thou shalt mop the ceiling.

Mould can cause many health problems, including hayfever symptoms, and grows in places that we regularly use such as bathrooms. It can be difficult to rid the ceiling of mould growth when you can’t reach it. If you don’t have the height, consider using a steady and clean flat-headed mop upside down. A mix of water and tea-tree oil or white vinegar are popular solutions to wipe down mouldy surfaces with.

  1. Thou shalt squeegee the carpet.

Pet dander can cause hayfever symptoms like itchy eyes and can be challenging to eliminate when it gets caught in carpet. Sometimes vacuums don’t have the power to pull it out, but window squeegees usually do the trick! Just rinse it and run it along the carpet.

  1. Thou shalt have a dust free reflection.

Next time you attempt to take a selfie in your mirror but it’s dusty, mix a bottle with water and vinegar and spray it onto the mirror. Wipe it with crumpled newspaper. The newspaper will also make your mirrors shinier.

  1. Thou shalt rid that odour.

Everyone’s experienced that stinky waft from refrigerators. So instead of leaving the odour there to linger, once you’ve cleaned out all the expired food (and made sure all the lids are on properly) consider leaving a dish of baking soda in your fridge.  Amazingly the baking soda absorbs the odours.

  1. Thou shalt ventilate thy home.

If you’ve cleaned your house from top to toe, but you’re still sneezing, maybe something is causing it that you haven’t noticed. Ventilation ducts often go unnoticed, but can get clogged with hayfever triggers like dust and pollen. Make sure you check this and clean it more frequently. If there is a build-up of triggers, you can suck it up with a vacuum and you will need to replace the filter.

  1. Though shalt reach the wardrobe crevices.

Have you noticed that dust lines your wardrobe floor in the corners? Sliding-door wardrobes with crevices where the door usually slides in and out are the perfect place for dust to collect. If so, sucking it up with a vacuum may be hard. For hard to reach places put an empty toilet paper role on the end of the vacuum wand and you can bend the shape of it to get into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

  1. Thou shalt let thy mattress join the sun in holy matrimony.

Your bed is a sacred place, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe from allergens like dust mites. In fact, because many of us sweat in our sleep, your mattress and pillows make the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. A natural way to these pests is by laying your mattress in the sun.

  1. Thou shalt get an air purifier.

Air purifiers are like the Holy Grail for people with allergies. Air purifiers eliminate airborne particles and hayfever triggers like dust. They are usually best placed in areas like the bedroom because this is where many people spend a lot of time.

  1. Thou shalt get a dehumidifier.

To prevent mould growth, consider buying a dehumidifier. It does exactly what it sounds like, and dehumidifies a room. You could place this in a space with poor ventilation like the bathroom or in your wardrobe.

If you’ve been struck with hayfever symptoms, remember a doctor can help you find out what’s causing your allergies and can advise you about the best treatment options available.